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by Kaija on 11th Feb 2023, 11:09 PM
In case you noticed that the new pages Wednesday has turned into sometime every week and now it's already Saturday night, sorry! Tomorrow for sure.

I'm just gonna keep posting pages as soon as they are made, whenever that is. I get antsy letting it slip but do not worry, I NEED to complete this comic, it is impossible for me to abandon it and I will get back to a regular schedule soon.

Anyway if you are seeing this look what else I have been working on,

The wavy plates are my mom and sisters, we're all trying to make a bunch of stuff to fill up the kiln I got for cheap years ago and have only fired it once before, I want to make pottery more often, it's fun!

AAAA(Changeing update schedule again, just Wednesdays for now)

by Kaija on 20th Jan 2023, 10:57 PM
Hi :) OK so I thought I was only a little late last update but apparently, I just had no idea what day it was, sorry. I'm going to go down to one update a week till I can get myself in order and figure out some backend things, I really don't want to because I am very excited to get further in the story! But it's causing me too much stress and I'm not even meeting my deadlines for all the trouble. I hate missing updates and going against my word. :( So, just for a little while I will only be updating on Wednesdays.
Thanks for hanging in there guys. :)

Also, my arm is feeling much better from last week. I was a bit worried, but now that I have rearranged my set up, am remembering to stretch, and have been taking my vitamins the only thing keeping me from drawing all day is work and family stuff. :)

Also, I am very embarrassed to realize I had spelled the title of the comic wrong ever since the name change. >_> I fixed that now, hopefully that doesn't mess with anything. But also now I noticed that I never updated the banner title, oops! I'll have to get that done sometime in the coming week.

no update friday the thirteenth

by Kaija on 12th Jan 2023, 8:55 PM
Unlucky! Hey guys, I went a little crazy on my internship and gave myself an arm injury from overuse, so I need to skip an update. I'm in the process of rearranging my desk for better posture and hopefully my arm will be all better by next week.

Changeing schedule! Wednesdays and Fridays instead of Tuesdays and Thursdays.

by Kaija on 19th Dec 2022, 10:39 PM
hey sorry guys, but I gotta skip the Tuesday update, work is very busy with the holidays and I got called in unexpectedly a couple of days in a row, normally I'd be able to stay up late and finish it but Tuesdays are also my deadline for my animation internship so I need to work on that. Both things being due at the same time has caused trouble a couple of times for me already so I was thinking, maybe it would be better to move the schedule? Wednesdays and Fridays would be best for me I think, so we'll try it out, it's still two days a week just a bit shifted. Now, if work goes well I will post a new page Wednesday, if it doesn't....Well, Friday for sure! I do not want to keep skipping updates so I'm hoping the shift will help, also Christmas is almost over so that will be better soon. Happy holidays!

Heeeeyy i foung this blog feature..good news and bad news, i got an internship but i gotta skip/postpone an update :(

by Kaija on 6th Dec 2022, 12:14 AM
Hiii, ok, so I got a part time animation internship :) and my day job as a mail carrier was suddenly very busy when my coworker got sick. :( Those took up a lot of time and energy and I kinda...don't have a buffer >///>....Sooo I dont have a page at the moment, sorry!!! if things go well I'll try and update later tonight.